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Farming practice and quality control measures

GNLF has always been at par with international export standards. Not only our produce is better loaded with antioxidants and other vital nutrients, but they also preserve raw flavors and tastes significantly better than conventional produce. Farming is our passion and natural farming our expertise. Rest assured that our produce is grown without compromise.

Water harvesting and conservation

Most Vegetables coming to Jabalpur are grown with untreated sewage sludge and industrial waste. Water irrigating our fields is from our rainwater or underground aquifers. Utmost care is taken to judiciously utilize every drop of freshwater.

No animal cruelty / vegan-friendly

Our cattle and poultry actually graze on green pastures, unlike others who leave mother cow to scavenge on the urban waste. All our livestock is exclusively fed naturally feed, good health is maintained via a natural balanced diet, not antibiotics or hormone injections.

Low carbon footprint

Precision farming along advanced market forecasting enables us to smartly plan our produce and minimize wastage which also translates to better prices for consumers. We strictly follow a Smart harvest zero waste model and minimum transportation. Moreover, rather than burning residue, we convert it into rich organic matter which adds to the fertility of the soil. Grown Locally by employing locals, food travels fewer miles, less fuel burnt, Low carbon footprint everyone’s a winner! We are the new generation of zero carbon footprint farmers and our produce is something you can truly feel about eating.


Natural food isn’t a luxury. Its everyone’s basic necessity, Our Goal is to make natural food from a trend to a norm. To make this possible, we bypass all the middlemen (and their commissions) to deliver export quality produce directly to your home.

Good for you, even better for the environment

Joining our GLNF initiative is a good deed while avoiding cancer from synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides used in conventional farming, you are also reducing your carbon footprint and wastage of petroleum and other fossils. Choosing to buy only natural is one of the best ways to give back to Mother Nature.