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Terms Of Sale

All customers have to register and login for placing orders on this site. The customer is required to provide us correct and accurate details of his / her Name, phone number and address ( where delivery of products shall be made) for communication and delivery of goods.

We have displayed reference pictures of produce on this site for easy identification of products and not otherwise and the actual colors may differ.

We can modify or change any terms and conditions at any time without any prior notification to the customers. It is supposed that the customers has viewed and taken note of the terms and conditions before placing orders.

Before placing an order , Customer shall check the products description carefully and by placing order on this site will mean is perfecto that you deemed to have agreed and accepted and abide by the terms and conditions .

We Assure freshness at the time of delivery. When not satisfied with any or all goods supplied by GLNF, it can be returned at the time of delivery and same goods may be returned or payment shall be adjusted in the next bill or same kind of goods shall be supplied at next selected delivery slot.

Although we follow stringent quality checks and try to make our best effort to supply you with fresh, healthy, naturally grown natural goods but due to unavoidable circumstances, you may find some insects inside the vegetables. So nothing to panic here, in fact this is actually proof that it is natural. If unsatisfied with this, you may return the goods or payment shall be adjusted in the next bill or same kind of goods shall be supplied at next delivery slot.

If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the T & C of using the online (website/mobile app) or offline, we at our sole discretion will cancel such orders and have the right to place it in Black list. Person who frequently cancel his orders or create nuisance, shall also be placed under the same.

Unauthorized use of this site may give rise to a claim for damages and / or criminal offence.

From time to time, this site may also include link to other websites. These links are provided for further information. Such links do not signify that we endorse the website. We do not own any responsibility to the linked website.

No person can create or attach a link without prior permission to GLNF.

Customer can cancel the order any time up to the-cut off time or before the order is confirmed .You can cancel your order at any time but before the …….. we will refund your money if already made or adjust in the subsequent shipping bills .

All fresh produce are sold on estimated weight. Although retail rates displayed are for giving information but Actual weight may differ / vary as all the product cannot be sold in pieces like pumpkin etc. Final invoice shall be prepared on actual weight and price of that item shall be charged on actual weight which will be based upon the information given on retail price.

Due to the perishable nature of some products like spinach, mint etc. There can be some weight loss in form of water loss, prices will be charged as of the weight of product before shipping.

We assure timely delivery in the slotted / schedule slot time but due to unavoidable circumstance beyond our control, the time schedule may be affected. Under such circumstance, we shall not be liable to pay any compensation or loss or any kind.

In the event that a non delivery occurs on account of a willful or other wise mistake by the customer by providing Wrong name or address or any other wrong information , than the cost of delivery incurred shall be claimed by GLNF and the payment already made shall be forfeited without any notice.

In case no one is there to attend the delivery, products will be brought back and rescheduled for delivery. In such circumstances a delivery charge of 50 rupees will be levied.

All reviews , comments , feed back , postcards, suggestion and other submissions made or submitted shall be the property of GLNF.

You agree not to use a false email address, impersonate any person or entity or otherwise mislead as to the origin of any comment made and agree to indemnify GLNF.

All the products listed on site will be sold at MRP unless otherwise specified. The prices mentioned at the time of order will be the price on the date of the delivery. Prices of fresh, leafy vegetables , fruits etc. do change on daily bases as it depends upon the production of vegetables under favorable conditions . We are farmers who directly supply vegetables etc. from our Farms and from other farmers under contract farming. We produce all seasonal vegetables etc. at our farm and supply goods fresh directly to our customers. When every our production increases , we provide the benefit to our customers by decreasing the MRP or providing discounts or special schemes etc.

Customer or any other person shall not use any unlawful, unparliamentarily abusive , vulgar language or any other material in any form via any way on this site otherwise action as deemed fit shall be taken .